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Understanding Rack Middleware

Rack middleware is one of those things that's actually very simple. We'll see how we can implement the basic concept in just a few lines of code. But because of sparse documentation and an unclear API, getting started with Rack middleware is a confusing endeavor for anyone new to the concept.

But fear not. We're going to boil all the core concepts of the Rack middleware stack into an easy to run and understand code example. Along the way, we'll get some insight into what's going on under the hood.

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Simple Rails Maintenance Mode

As I write this, I'm sitting at home in the dark. Sweat beads forming on my forehead as the 90° weather outside suddenly discovers there's no air conditioning to keep it at bay. Yes, I am the victim of a power outage. An all too present reminder that downtime happens.

Downtime is an unfortunate reality of working in IT. Whether it's planned or not, even the likes of Amazon and Google can't be up 100% of the time and neither can you.

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